Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yeah thats what I am kinda making this blog for... aside from a nice setting and discussing some cool projects. Models and wargaming is why I got into this gig!

So anyhoo lets look at this pragmatically (its something I have to do or nothings going to get done cause I have a perfectionistic streak a mile wide). The best way to structure this would be to make groupings of forces initially small at first with future projects making them bigger. So...

lets list the forces and some ideas I have to go with them.

A young Queen Victoria (obviously), Colonial infantry ( a damnable must) Some elite infantry and some naval infantry. Along with this at least one Aeronef (probably a launch from the HMS Victory).

Helga Von Zepplin (double obviously and I have a wonderful miniature in mind for her!) Some basic and elite infantry and a Aeronef.

A few characters (yet to be named), some Clockwork raiders, some specialised troops and a disc (Clockwork version of a disc)

Skre - itch (Birdmen)
a Character (shaka Zulu style) some winged chaps and an assortment of foot warriors

All in all I have my work cut out for me - though I do look forward to it and soon can probably count the British list completed for now. Future projects will definitely involve furthering my scenery and creating a table.


  1. Steam Tanks - you've got to have some steam tanks

  2. ahhh yes that is a must - how could I have forgotten that - hopefully today (touch wood) I will have some pics of my British group sans Aeronef