Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well I will soon have somewhat of a force completed. My intention is to take pics of them in a sort of company order. So if soon you see some really shoddy pics its not my fault but my wifes for not letting me get the $400 camera.

Now onto basing and sealing - whats everyones thoughts of an order for this? ie I give the minis a once over coat then flock the bases and another coat to tie them all together - is this a common theme, or am I like just about everything else abnormal?

Finaly flock - Yes flock I mean recently is has been quashed by SILFOR. I mean Silfor is just what you want, tufts of grass. Does flock have a reason to exsist anymore or should I approach SILFOR as an additive to my basing materials and group it with the clump foilage.

Finally I draw my post to a close (not soon enough for some people) as I start to dweall on some scenic items for my terrain. I am thinking of first making a colonial jungle table - but other than rainforest trees and swamp I am at a loss. Some comments would be loved.

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