Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clockwork Guards

"Scary stuff Sargnt Maja, they swooped in like lit'ile sparras and cut down half the boys,"

Private Jasper Ezra Hicks aka Hicks describing the first attack of the Clockwork Guards.

Few enemy units inspire as much awe as the Clockwork Guard. Elite units that stormed their way from the invasion site in Prussia to the Eiffel Tower. Fast resilient and quick thinking they required a lot of gallantry and tactics to defeat. Their suits hardened and armoured were equipped with a smaller lift capacity engine that could allow for great leaps, it made them look as if they were flying.

Armed with a deadly assortment of weapons they were the death of many smaller ships and military units - yet with the expansion of the MSC Field gun their days became numbered. On one day in September 1890 over 36 Clockwork Guards were rendered inoperable by the actions of MSC Squadron 336, considering the entier divisions kill count at that stage was 5 it was a marked improvement.

Yet if used cleverly these Clockwork Guards were a force to be reckoned with.

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