Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HMS Victory

The newest Dreadnought in the Royal Fleet. Comissioned in the final days of the Great war. The HMS Victory outclasses anything in the combined Earth Fleets. It is also an anomaly the designer shot himself several days after her launch his notes and design plans make it almost impossible to build another of this stature. It hoards many of the technologies stolen from the Clockwork invaders and is a heavily armoured behemoth. The HMS Victory feilds the following;

8 10 inch guns.
10 12 inch recoiless guns in both single gun and double gun (positioned fore and aft) turrets.
36 Field MSC in both single and double variations

5 Small Launches each with a ten man crew two 8 Inch guns and two Field MSC (Also capable of landing 15 men directly into combat)

Not only Does the HMS Victory offer a long range bombardment tactical option but the Victory acts as a deadly Aeronef carrier and can operate a large military landing force. Making her not only the most durable ships but versatile to boot.

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