Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rule Britannia

The expansion of the British Empire, expanded exponentially at the end of the great war. Most of continental Europe was a wasteland. England with her expanding colony strengthened her position on the globe and with the use of technology expanded. At first travel to the stars was difficult and fraught with danger. Yet once the distance mapped and colonies opened on foreign worlds the fruits of Britan's labour saw the pound jump almost twice in value.

This of course has made few friends with Britan abroad and she finds herself stretched from system to system, recently the once peacful natives of Venus have again risen up against royal rule and threaten the strength of the Port Arthur colony. Time will tell if this is but the first of battles The Empire must face to control her star speckled crown, will these be a test for her new Queen just into her 20th year? Time will tell indeed........

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