Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Great War Part One: Invasion

This is a series of articles that will tell small snipets of the war that shook humanity and led to the expansion of known space. There has been knowledge of other civilisations for some time mostly due to the work of Prof. Nikola Tesla and his research. Yet little was known of these civilisations and most believed them to be very primitive and well below our enlighted society.

This was all to change October 31st 1889 when a wholesale invasion began. It was during the first days that most of the horrific casualties amongst civilians were dealt. Most came from assaults by the then unknown science of Aeronefs or lighter than air vehicles. These the Clockworks (The name created by human armies, based on the look of their mechanically arcane life preserving suits.)

The Clockworks (Ashavarix; native tongue) at first had the upperhand as humanities force crumbled below their repeated assaults and raids, that sought many for slavery. This though rapidly changed as humanity captured one of the aeronefs and replicated the tech found within. Soon Humanity turned the tables, yet the war did not end with that many years of bloodshed will follow and the time known as the Great War has begun.

Above left here is a small schematic View of a Clockwork Preservation Suit (PS) Its copper filaments adding electricity and power to their movements. It also allowed their poisonous aether to remain intact and even replicated it for an almost eternal supply!

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